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11  E-books found

  1. Short stories

    The Illusion Maker

    LYDIE Virginie , BOREAL Carole, France , 7 - 11 years

    EUR 2.69

    Eric is a young boy who lives in a sad and gloomy city. One day, when the city is brought to a halt by a dreadful traffic jam, Eric meets Pirouette, a colorful clown, astride his elephant, Peanut. This meeting will not only change the course of his life but ...

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  2. Short stories, Myths, Legends, Tales

    Baśnie Andersena

    ANDERSEN Hans Christian, Denmark , 7 - 11 years

    Zbiór 21 baśni Hansa Christiana Andersena: Bałwan ze śniegu, Brzydkie kaczątko, Co ojciec czyni jest zawsze słuszne, Dziecię elfów, Dzień sądu ostatecznego, Dziewczyna, która podeptała chleb, [...], Dzikie łabędzie, Królowa ŚnieguBaśń w siedmiu opowiadaniach, Krzesiwo, Księżniczka na ziarnku grochu, Latający kufer, Mała syrena, Nowe szaty cesarza, Opowieść o matce, Rzecz całkiem pewna, Słowik, Stary dom, Stokrotka, Świniopas, Umarłe dziecko.

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  3. Short stories, Myths, Legends, Tales

    Fairy Tales

    ANDERSEN Hans Christian, Denmark , 7 - 11 years
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  4. Short stories

    Story of a Tree

    CIE Ricardo, HSU Wen, Guatemala , < 8 years
    EUR 4.50

    The tree outside my house one day decided to leave. He travelled to the great ocean, where the soft sand and the fish would not leave him in peace, to the highest mountains, where eagles and ice prevented his survival. Finally, arriving at the desert he thought he could resist and reach posterity

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  5. Short stories

    La machine aux illusions

    LYDIE Virginie , BOREAL Carole, France , 7 - 11 years
    EUR 6.99
    Eric est un jeune garçon qui vit dans une ville triste et grise jusqu’au jour où sa route croise celle de Pirouette et de Cacahouète, un étrange magicien et son éléphant ! ...» Show all
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