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16  E-books found

  1. Novels

    Analfabeta Negramotná

    ULIČIANSKY Ján, KRÁL Vladimír, Slovakia , < 8 years
    EUR 6.30

    Najkrajšia a najlepšia kniha zimy 2011 v súťaži organizovanej Bibianou. Kniha vyšla v edícii Analfabeta Negramotná/Čítame s porozumením.

    Je tesne pred Štedrým dňom. Betka Bábiková, prezývaná aj Analfabeta Negramotná pre jej nezáujem o čítanie akéhokoľvek druhu, sa v Knihovanoch nad Váhom omylom nechá zavrieť do knižnice. To sa začnú diať veci...

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  2. Short stories

    Milla wants to fly

    TRUFFA Barbara, GRANATA Domenico , 7 - 11 years
    EUR 4.50

    Milla likes rocking and rocking on her hammock and dreaming how wonderful it would be if she could fly like the clouds when, all of a sudden, a strange being from another world appears in front of her and asks for her help!

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  3. Short stories

    Milla goes to the countryside

    TRUFFA Barbara, GRANATA Domenico , 7 - 11 years
    EUR 4.50

    Milla and her mother Claretta go to the countryside and visit Milla’s grandparents who live in Holeysock. She will help in the farm and will discover the very weird behaviour of the most particular scarecrow!

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  4. Short stories

    Bruno and the Search for William

    WILLIAMSON-NOBLE Esmeralda, MORALES VILLANUEVA Judit , 7 - 11 years
    EUR 4.50
    Bruno is a teddy bear living on a shelf in a toyshop in Sydney. One day he finds himself being bought by the uncle of his boy to be, on a plane to London and at last in the arms of his new friend and life’s partner. But one night ...» Show all
  5. Short stories

    Secrets, saumons et hirondelles

    COPPEE Benoît , VIOT Nicolas , 7 - 11 years
    Joignez-vous à Tom, Fleur et Lila le renard et apprenez au fil de leurs aventures comment on peut mieux respecter l'environnement et protéger la nature. ...» Show all
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