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Bruno and the Search for William

Find Out Team
26 Pages

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7 - 11 years | With illustrations | Adventure | Mystery | Animals | Heroes | Family | Friends | Travel |
Bruno is a teddy bear living on a shelf in a toyshop in Sydney. One day he finds himself being bought by the uncle of his boy to be, on a plane to London and at last in the arms of his new friend and life’s partner. But one night, Andrew and Bruno are woken up by noises coming from the attic above. The idea that a phantom might be the cause, brings them to put together a plan for the capture of the intruder. In a scene of intense dynamism, they accomplish what they had set out to do only to find that the scary Phantom is none other than a big, old, dirty teddy bear, named Wilfred, who used to live in that house with his beloved boy years before. But it one day happens that while playing hide and seek, the bear ends up in the attic cupboard’s secret bottom. William gives up looking for his friend only the day when he and his family have to leave for New York where the family is now relocating to. With their mother’s help, the children can find out that William’s family happens to be on holiday in London, find the hotel where they are staying and rush to try to meet them. After a mad chase from central London to Heathrow Airport, the two friends are happily reunited, this time never to leave one another again.