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CIE Ricardo, MARTINEZ Enrique

Chocolate And Meringue

Chocolate Y Merengue (Original title)
Guatemala (Country of origin)
Grupo Amanuense / Find Out Team
22 Pages

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< 8 years | With illustrations | Humor | Fantasy | Friends | Travel |

This is a story filled with delicious goodies. Among its ingredients, stands the delightful experience of making friends, of trying something new and finding out how much we like it.

As part of the collection “Reading for Small Kids”, Chocolate and Merengue presents the adventure of approaching everyone without malice. Beautifully narrated and illustrated, the story presents values like cultural diversity, tolerance and friendship.

"300 Ibero American books recommended for reading in school" Selection, National Reading Plan, Argentina, 2011
The original text won first place in the 2nd National Book Award (CENAL, Venezuela).

Author: Ricardo CIE
Illustrator: Enrique MARTINEZ

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