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TRUFFA Barbara, GRANATA Domenico

Milla wants to fly

Find Out Team

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7 - 11 years | With illustrations | Adventure | Mystery | Animals | Heroes | Family | Friends | Travel |

Milla likes rocking and rocking on her hammock and dreaming how wonderful it would be if she could fly like the clouds when, all of a sudden, a strange being from another world appears in front of her and asks for her help!

Milla is nice and lovely 7-year-old girl with a simple and casual style and representing any ordinary young girl of her age. She’s a girl who can be loved by everybody in any part of the world. Milla accepts lots of challenges in her life and goes through her fears. She doesn’t hide her fragile features just like her “rogueries”. She shows all of them without being ashamed because they are part of her. She always shows a positive and dynamic attitude and faces all new adventures with great enthusiasm. Milla is not alone: other characters, friends do join her in all the adventures, making any story appealing, funny and full of important values and positive experiences.

Come and join MILLA in her funny and crazy adventures!

Milla and the Stinky Witch
A Special Night for Milla
Milla goes to the countryside
Milla rock