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CIE Ricardo, HSU Wen

Story of a Tree

Historia de un árbol (Original title)
Guatemala (Country of origin)
Grupo Amanuense / Find Out Team
26 Pages

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< 8 years | With illustrations | Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery | History | Science Fiction | Nature | Heroes | Travel |

The tree outside my house one day decided to leave. He travelled to the great ocean, where the soft sand and the fish would not leave him in peace, to the highest mountains, where eagles and ice prevented his survival. Finally, arriving at the desert he thought he could resist and reach posterity.

This is a story of courage, about going to find the dreams wherever they are. The vivid text and images illustrate and carry us through concepts such as environmental ethics, solidarity and sustainable lifestyles without missing the emotion of a real adventure.

“Highly Recommended” IBBY - Fundalectura Colombia 2011 Selection

Author: Ricardo CIE
Illustrator: Wen HSU

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