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LYDIE Virginie , BOREAL Carole

The Illusion Maker

La machine aux illusions (Original title)
France (Country of origin)
La souris qui raconte
ISBN-13: 978-2-36302-008-6

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7 - 11 years | With illustrations | Humor | Fantasy | Science Fiction | Animals | Nature | Heroes | Friends | Music |

“In the gloomy city, where only cement walls seemed to flourish, there were no games to be played, no attraction parks, not even a public garden. Counting cars was one of the very few distractions…That is until…”.

Eric is a young boy who lives in a sad and gloomy city. One day, when the city is brought to a halt by a dreadful traffic jam, Eric meets Pirouette, a colorful clown, astride his elephant, Peanut. This meeting will not only change the course of his life but also the lives of all those who live in the city. Find out how Eric and Pirouette are going to bring color back to all of the gloom with the help of a strange device.

Author: Virginie Lydie
Ilustrator: Carole Boréal
Translator: Amy C. Flechtmann
Storyteller: Christopher Davis

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