Reading is fun!


You can read all on your own anywhere, share jokes, your favourite story with your mates.

If you have never laughed with a book, then ask Kroko to help you and don’t ask the grown-ups anymore!

Help, Kroko!

       Crocodile: Humor | krokebooks | FunEread




Let your book take you to places that only you know …

  Mouse: Fantasy | krokebooks | FunEread



It’s only in a book that Kroko can play the role of Tarzan!

  Crocodile: Adventure | krokebooks | FunEread



You can make friends, discover other countries, and go all around the world while you relax in your bathtub!

  Crocodile: Travel | krokebooks | FunEread



You can live several different lives... It’s as though you were fooling around without getting told off!

  Crocodile: Sport | krokebooks | FunEread

And also, reading is important for you!




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