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Fair and responsible
A young company
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Voluntary liquidation


The company was liquidated on January 7, 2019. The intellectual property remains protected and is available for sale


krokebooks | eBooks for children aged between 7 and 11 years old

is a specialist department of the FunEread bookshop. Krokebooks has been designed to allow children to surf and choose their digital books themselves. Three fun characters are there to help them: Kroko, Mousy and Dr Worm. In addition to free books and reading tips, children can download bonuses from the site (drawings to colour in, spot the difference games, etc.). Everything has been done to encourage quality electronic reading while reassuring you, the parents.

FunEread | an international independent bookshop

that sells high-quality digital books. You will find a small but carefully chosen selection of books here. Books that we have loved and that we are delighted to offer you. Books that are sometimes exclusively produced here for you in electronic form.

International bookshop, because nowadays your local bookshop must adapt to your needs: a multicultural society, professional mobility, bilingual children, etc. We think that it is important that the pleasure of your own culture remains accessible even on the other side of the world.

Independent, because it is the only way to maintain the quality and richness of the offering that we are seeking. You can download a variety of formats (ePub, PDF, mobi, applications etc.). These formats are as open as possible according to the market, while we provide simple explanations to help you.

Fair and responsible

Fair, because we want to be a constructive player on the digital book market, this new revolution in the world of books. We believe that the digital era should improve transparency in terms of cost and allow the different players to be more fairly remunerated. To achieve this, we support the Fair e Read project.

Fair E Read

Books that meet the following criteria are stamped with this logo:
  + An e-book price that is lower than the price of a paper book (by at least 20%)
  + Including better remuneration for the author (more than 15%)

+ With more value and recognition given to the work of the translators
  + And without DRM*

* Digital Rights Management is a class of access control technologies that are used to limit the use of digital content and devices after sale.

We also award this logo to digital books that use the digital watermark solution. This seems to us to be an acceptable compromise in the light of current developments. 

, because we donate 10% of our profits to organisations that encourage children to read and that help the elderly to continue reading: IBBY - ICDL


A young Company

FunEread is a start-up founded in December 2010, by the Frenchwoman Nathalie Lőffler, supported by a multicultural team. The company is based at the heart of Europe, in Bratislava on the banks of the Danube

Our advisors:

Marina Gacic (German, Croatian, Serbian)

Olga Gordiyevskaya (Russian)

Anna Lauring (Polish)

Helena Sestakova (Slovak, Czech)

Valeriu Vetiul (Romanian, Social Networks)


Voluntary Liquidation

The company was liquidated on January 7, 2019. The intellectual property remains protected and is available for sale.