Why is Reading Important?


Words are music! You can sing, shout, discuss, talk, listen with them …

Parents: Reading enriches the vocabulary of your child, who then visualises spelling, effortlessly registers grammar and thus makes language his or her own. For bilingual children, the language will be more rooted, more controlled …

Your child’s general understanding, his or her ability to express things and write, are all factors influenced by reading.

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In addition, to succeed in school, you have no choice!

Parents: Nowadays, being able to read well is an essential skill if your child is to succeed, in particular in education: at school, college...

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Besides, grownups don't always answer all of your questions … And you’ll find your answers in books!

Parents: Besides, as a teacher you may not be able to or may not want to answer every question for lack of time, knowledge, desire or even interest. So give them the tools they need for their own development.

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So if you want to decide for yourself what you want to be some day;

Parents : Certain decisions can only be made by your child. With the support of all the relevant information (printed or online), he or she can make his or her informed choices. Even if you are always there to help them.

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Being more confident in yourself;

Parents : Whether at school or in everyday life: being open to the external world and thanks to the examples provided here, a child who reads has more confidence than his friends. Do they not say that the pen is mightier than the sword?

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Maybe even copy your favourite hero!


Parents : In his or her books, your child will find models and topics of interest. Who knows what inspiration he or she will draw from these? For Albert Einstein a key discovery was "The Little Bible of Geometry" at 13 years of age!

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You have to read! It is more than important for you! And reading is also fun!




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